The History of the Adidas Barricade

History of the Adidas Barricade

It was released in the year 2000. It featured a sole that decreased sliding or slipping during play time. Marat Safin won his first grand slam wearing the shoe.

Next was Adidas barricade 2.0, released in the year 2002. It featured the shock absorption heel. Adidas managed to improve on the initial classic barricade by bolstering the heel area, designing it to add greater shock absorption. They also used a more rugged surface to increase its durability.

Next was barricade 3.0, released in the year 2003. It featured a different outsole, toe, and heel design. This shoe fit more naturally and also meet the stringent performance requirements of top players.

Next was the Adidas barricade iv, released in the year 2006. It was molded to have a more personalized feel.

Next up was Adidas barricade 5.0, released in the year 2008. It was updated by using more mesh on the upper side than on the previous models. This made it more comfortable. The outsole was also bolstered to withstand any surface.

Next up was barricade 6.0, released in 2010. Major upgrades were made by integrating a lighter support system in the forefoot and rare foot, this allowed for better stability and surface adaptation.

Next up was Adidas barricade 7.0, released in 2012. It had the same look but was lighter. It was amplified with lateral support inside the shoe and this allowed players to make a wide range of movements without any issues. It became a favorite with Norvak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

Next was Adidas adipower barricade 8.0 released in 2013. Ventilation was added by incorporating the D-core 6 upper model which eliminated the break-in time that was needed before hitting the course afresh.

Next was Adidas barricade 8+, released in 2014. This shoe features a ventilated kurim upper that makes it weigh a little heavier than its predecessors. It manages to build upon the design success of its previous models by maintaining the same design cues and technologies.

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